Poble Espanyol offers a wide range of activities for adults in Barcelona. Declared an Artisanal Interest's Point by the Regional Government of Catalonia, the encosure holds craft workshops led by professionals.

Make something with your own hands; personalise a piece of glass, leather, jewellery, basketry or textile, among others.Each of our artisans is an artist in their field. Their skills have been passed down through the generations, striving to create original and elegant handicrafts.Come to Poble Espanyol to become an artisan for a day!



Decorative painting

Price: 125€
Design and create a painting with gutta. Led by the artisan artist and textile expert David Valeri, you'll become artisans for a day.
You'll choose a nice drawing which you'll then use to create the decorative painting.
You'll work with gutta and, following David's steps and instructions, you'll create a personalised painting.
A unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience: handmade and personalised!
Materials: paper, gutta, ink, silk.
Tools: paintbrush, pencil, needles, stretcher

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Price: 136€
Accompanied by the artisan Amparo Valencia, you will learn how to make beautiful silver earrings and personalise them to your taste, creating your own shape and design for engraving.
You will learn how to solder, saw, polish and engrave with Amparo.

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Price: 250€
Led by the artisan Julián Sañudo, you'll become experts in leather, in particular in cowhide leather.
You'll learn the basics of working with leather and how to give this historic material a personal touch.
You'll get the chance to engrave, sew, dye, among other techniques following the steps of the artisan Julián Sañudo, as well as doing an embossed painting, a belt or a leather bag.
A unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience: handmade and personalised!

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Price: 110€
Accompanied by craftswoman Lourdes Perelló you will become a craftsman or craftswoman for a day, more specifically textile experts.
You will learn the faux batik technique to decorate a silk scarf that you can take with you on the same day.
You will work with Asian materials and, following Lourdes’s steps and instructions, you will personalise a silk scarf.
A unique and unrepeatable experience: made by hand and personalised!

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