We've got everything you need for a fantastic day of fun, gastronomy and educational activities in a one-of-a-kind space a stone's throw from the heart of Barcelona! 

Monumentos en Barcelona



Ceramic painting

On the occasion of the inauguration of the new ceramic workshop, we propose a ceramic painting activity where you will learn the dry brush technique.

The potters will demonstrate their creations. They will explain you how the lathe works and how a ceramic piece is created. Afterwards, you can choose a piece ready to paint and decorate using the dry brush technique. This technique allows to combine different colors and layers to create several textures as a relief.

The pieces will measure between 12 and 15 cm and you can take it home with you the same day.

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Design your necklace with fire blown enamel

Hot enamel is a technique used in jewellery to give colour and texture to rings, pendants, bracelets and all kinds of metal accessories made from gold, silver and copper.

It is glass powder that is placed on metal, combining different colours, recreating drawings, creating shapes, etc. When the design is ready, the piece is baked through a cooking process (that varies depending on the metal type, the glazes and the size of the piece,) to melt and stick to the piece that is vitrifying.

You should have an idea about what design to make on a square copper base. You can combine different glazes and even draw. Afterwards, the pieces will be baked for 5 minutes and left it to cool. Finally, you will polish them, and you will pass the thread as a pendant... and then it is ready!

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Guided tour

Poble Espanyol was inaugrated in 1929 in the occassion of the Barcelona International Expo. It was expected to be brought down after the Expo, but it was so well received that in the end it was kept open and it is now over 90 years old. Come and see it! With the help of a guide, you will learn about all the history and anecdotes about its construction and you will discover the cultural, architectural, culinary and scenic diversity in Spain in one village.

You will discover that it is a village full of surprises as you will have the chance to meander through its streets and squares whilst admiring the handicraft work, the country’s main popular celebrations in the Fiesta space and contemporary artworks by great artists such as Picasso, Miró or Dalí. All in all, you will discover Spain all in one go!

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Open visit

Located in the green lungs of Montjüic and surrounded by nature, Poble Espanyol is a unique site that displays Spain’s architectural, culinary and cultural diversity in one village. It is a safe place with no cars where you can take a relaxed walk and discover a long list of spaces and corners.

Do you like handicrafts? Take a close look at the hard work of more than 15 professionals that create products with their hands and, if you fancy, buy one of their exclusive pieces.

Discover the soul of Spain in the new Fiesta space where you will be able to experience Spain’s most popular celebrations from the inside such as Sanfermines or Castells, and stop off at the feeling spaces which showcase the country’s culinary and scenic diversity. And to round off the visit, don’t forget to throw yourselves down from the big slides in the Sculp- tural Garden or, if you prefer, relax in the Main Square having a soft drink.

There are so many options. Come and visit us!

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Dramatised tour

Do you dare to go on a different kind of tour? We offer you a very original and unique visit to the Poble Espanyol that will surely not leave anyone indifferent... You are waiting for the guide but as she does not show up an actor dressed up as a Poble Espanyol worker will offer to be the group’s guide. Would he be a good leader?

Let yourself be accompanied by this peculiar and funny character, who will explain the anecdotes, secrets and the most unknown legends of Poble Espanyol to you. Prepare to laugh, sing and take part while you discover the most beautiful corners of this emblematic space in Barcelona. Fun is guaranteed!

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Chocolate and churros

Why not to try chocolate and churros, a typical Spanish dish from the beginning of the nineteenth century and originating in Madrid. Churros are a dough made with flour that is deep fried and coated with sugar. They are traditionally eaten with thick hot chocolate. The chocolate is usually 100% melted cacao for dipping the churros in and enjoying this delicious combination of flavours.

Generally it’s served as a special breakfast, although it can be a snack, so you can have this dish either before or after a visit or activity you were partaking in at Poble Espanyol. We know you gonna love them...! Bon appétit!

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Spanish cuisine workshop

Spain is known throughout the world for its cuisine, whether it be due to its different diet (Basque, Mediterranean, Galician, Andalusian...), its produce (ham, olive oil, wine, cheese...) or its delicious recipes, which is when properly put together become an interesting culinary tour of the whole country. Here are different options so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs:

Cookiteca cooking workshop offers the chance to create a traditional Spanish menu in a fully equipped and safe kitchen. Then you can eat the dishes you have prepared.

Mexgal restaurant and Cookiteca cooking workshop propose this typical formula of Spanish cuisine where the ingredients are of prime importance.

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Paella showcooking

Paella is probably the most well-known Spanish recipe around the world. It is a typical Mediterranean dish that is characterised by a healthy and balanced diet. There is seafood paella, vegetarian paella, fish paella, meat paella, Valencian paella... all of them are delicious!

We propose a culinary workshop for students to get to grips with the secrets of this dish. With the help of a chef and following their guidelines, they will collaborate in making a paella and then taste it together afterwards.

The restaurants are there for you to complement the workshop so that the activity can serve as a lunch or dinner. They all offer a drink and a dessert, and some a salad too. Cook and then eat!

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Personalize a leather bracelet

We designed a workshop to make a leather bracelet. The facilitator will explain the engraving technique on leather, which is done with the help of a hammer and a wooden base.

You will choose different dyes, some with letters, others with numbers to personalize the bracelet, you can engrave your name on it, another person’s if you prefer to give someone as present, or your favourite numbers...! there are endless possibilities!

You will finish the workshop by experimenting with the sewing technique and you will sew using a leather thread to decorate the bracelet. And then... it’s time to show your bracelet!

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    Preventive measures

    • Staggered entry in the event that several groups and/or schools coincide on the same day and always respecting the safety distance.
    • Masks must be worn by monitors and entertainers at Poble Espanyol. Teachers accompanying pupils must wear masks as well as pupils who are required to wear them by law.
    • Students and teachers will be given hydroalcoholic gel upon arrival.
    • If need be, hands shall be washed before and after certain activities.
    • We have a large outdoor space as well as spacious, well-ventilated, covered spaces where we can accommodate groups without the need for them to be reused by other groups on the same day.
    • Different schools will be assigned different spaces for lunch and play in the event that more than one school visits on the same day.
    • We frequently clean and disinfect spaces.

    Make the most of your visit!

    Walk around Poble Espanyol

    Once the activity is over, how about rounding off your visit with complementary activities to make the most of everything that Poble Espanyol has to offer.

    Lunch in the picnic area, take in the breathtaking views from the Monastery viewpoint, visit the Fran Daurel Museum of contemporary art, marvel at the work of artisans and also audiovisual installations and an area with giant outdoor slides.

    The Poble Espanyol