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Artisan Routes of Catalonia

Rutes Artesanes de Catalunya’ is a project to promote crafts, culture and tourism, created by Artesanía Catalunya of the CCAM, with the aim of providing a platform for the promotion of crafts linked to sustainable, local, cultural and experiential tourism, and which invites the public to travel around Catalonia and discover the secrets, heritage and wealth of craftsmanship hidden in our country.

The Catalan craft routes propose to discover the heritage and wealth of Catalan craftsmanship through nine routes that cover the geographical areas of Alt Pirineu and Aran; Barcelona City; Central Catalonia; Counties of Barcelona; Counties of Gerona; Counties of Lleida; Counties of Tarragona, Penedès and Terres de l’Ebre.

Along the routes you will find museums with exhibitions, guided tours and activities for all ages. Interpretation centres where you can learn about the inner workings of the crafts; workshops where you can enjoy the experience of producing your own piece or simply where you can see how our craftsmen and craftswomen work with materials and techniques.

On Wednesday 8 February, the programme Rutas artesanas de Catalunya (Artisan Routes of Catalonia) was broadcast on TV3, which covers various parts of Barcelona, including Montjuïc and Poble Espanyol, which has been declared a Point of Artisan Interest. The itinerary reveals a world of jewellery, silk, photography, violins, exhibitions, modernism and gardens.

If you want to watch the programme again, you can find it at the following link:     https://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/rutes-artesanes-de-catalunya/rutes-artesanes-de-catalunya-capitol-3/video/6202436/

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