Vidre Art Gallery, the new exhibition at Poble Espanyol

Barcelona, 14 February 2024 - On 25 January, Poble Espanyol welcomed a new centre for contemporary artistic expression with the inauguration of Vidre Art Gallery, located in the space where the emblematic blown glass workshop of the site used to be.

The emblematic Montjuïc venue welcomes a new centre for contemporary artistic expression. Vidre Art Gallery is a gallery that aspires to become a benchmark for contemporary art in the city. Located in the site’s former glass-blowing workshop, the gallery invites visitors to immerse themselves in a unique and incomparable experience that fuses traditional art techniques and innovative works of art. From 21 February, when it opens to the public, access to Vidre Art Gallery will be included with general admission to the Poble Espanyol The gallery, a space that invites you to immerse yourself in a unique and unparalleled experience that fuses traditional art techniques and innovative artworks, has been conceived to create an environment that fosters creativity and engagement, providing an experience for artists and visitors alike.

For the inauguration of the space, which was held behind closed doors with invited artists and various personalities, Vidre Art Gallery presented a double exhibition: “Arena y Silicio” and “Manzana infinita”, which expose the fusion between tradition and modernity in a single space. With the vision of fostering an enriching and dynamic artistic dialogue, Vidre Art Gallery is committed to providing an innovative platform for the production and dynamization of the local art scene, with an international perspective.

Its strategic location in the Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc, next to other cultural institutions such as the MNAC, the Messes Foundation, the Fran Daurel Foundation – also located within the Village, the CosmoCaixa or the Miró Foundation, seeks to strengthen the artistic circuit of Barcelona, inviting the community to explore, interact and be inspired by the universe of contemporary creation.

A reference facility with valuable contemporary art content

Because of its location, its history, its character and everything that lies within the walls that surround it, Poble Espanyol is a special and unique place in Barcelona which, with the opening of this new gallery, goes one step further in its firm commitment to becoming a benchmark for leisure, culture and contemporary art in the city. Visitors to the emblematic Montjuïc venue, as well as being able to visit the impressive collection of the Fran Daurel Museum, with works by artists such as Dalí, Miró and Picasso, among many others, will also be able to enjoy the exhibitions of the Vidre Art Gallery from 21 February. Access will be included in the price of admission to the venue.

El Poble Espanyol, where history meets culture and leisure

The more than 100 buildings representing popular architecture, the contemporary art of the Fran Daurel Museum and Vidre Art Gallery, the craft workshops, the audiovisual installations and the exhibition A Photographic Journey. The construction of Poble Espanyol is the backbone of a unique site in Barcelona with more than 40,000m2 of open-air space in a historic and monumental setting, where 365 days a year there are family activities, concerts and cultural events of all kinds.